A few words to The Readers

  • Adhyatmpedia ! which is such a blog, which presents useful and positive thoughts in front of the readers. In a way, it is a shadow of my thoughts, which emerge in my mind. And these thoughts, I can say that they are definitely the product of my sanskars and experiences. 
  • Yet I feel that I am neither a writer, nor a poet, nor a thinker. The matter is only of interest, the seed of which was probably planted in childhood itself. My grandfather, who was a teacher, included worship and reading of religious texts in his daily routine. My maternal grandfather was a person of a lively nature and a priest of humanity.  
  • I spent my youth in the company of a spiritual personality. I got affection like a son from him and he got some color in the depths of my mind. Along with this, the Nirgun Bhakti of Saint Kabir, the personality of Swami Vivekananda and the philosophy of Osho have  me.
  • Along with these sacraments, the taste and experience of the complexities of life inspired me towards this.
  • Before doing anything, you have to assess your interest, your abilities. But by divine grace, a step has been taken in this direction. This voice came from within that if you try to keep yourself comfortable and bring simplicity in the lives of others, then living life can be easy. And it is the result of this voice of the mind, which today Adhyatmpedia has come into existence among all of us. Adhyatmapedia provides diverse content on motivational and self-development subjects. The blog posts include tips on getting the most out of life.